いらっしゃいませ! Welcome to the studio of Denzil W. Egan

I am constantly involving myself in projects from the worlds of 3D (sculpture), 2D (illustration, painting), and digital.

You may follow those personal endeavors of mine here.


As a filmmaker and an artist, I am constantly seeking new perspectives of both the ordinary and the extraordinary; these pictures are my attempts to offer a portal into worlds both foreign and familiar.. The imagery available to modern filmmakers and photographers is increasingly stunning and dramatic in scope and technical ability.

To be sure, anyone with an iPhone 6 or similar can shoot beautiful 4K slo-mo stuff; but to capture it in its most beautiful moment requires not only the ability to capture it (technically speaking), but also the skill to recognize that moment in the first place.

In all of my work (photography included) "studies", or rather the majority of the stills of mine that I deem presentable (please be nice; I am forever a student of the camera).


I am in a funny place right now with my sculptural works. I am still working primarily with encaustics as well as straight beeswax, but nothing seems to be going in the right direction, and although I am continually trying different approaches and constantly seeking new perspectives, things seem to be progressing slowly forward in certain areas, but failing miserably in others.

Needless to say, this page is in limbo (holding) for now, but please do stay tuned as anyone who knows me knows that I won't stop playing with hot wax anytime soon...


Born viewing the world as an artist, I have always had a very tactile approach when it comes to my creative process. For any artistic pursuit, I recognize the value of mastering the ability to transition ideas successfully from thought to reality, from concept to paper/canvas; these transitions are manifest by storyboards, studies, or simply perfecting general control and understanding of line, shape, composition, and form.

While I am very selective of what I will broadcast here from my personal sketchbooks, rest assured- you will get the "best of's" any of my 2-dimensional pursuits here.


I began seriously using the computer as a creative tool early in college and have never stopped. Just as there are constant incredible advances being made in production technology (cameras, lenses, etc.), creative computer software is additionally becoming almost unapproachably advanced, but- when understood and utilized correctly- the possibilities are truly astounding.

While obviously you will see a lot of other 'digital' work in other areas of my website (film, design, etc.), this is generally where you will see my personal experimentations and studies.